An original oil painting 

12" x 12"  canvas 1 1/2" deep

                    $125                                 ships anywhere in the US

 email a photo of your pet to


       Text: 206-734-9250

Full body is also available

Pet portrait, larger than photo  and can be any size

Lily  from Seattle

HARRIET from Seattle

HARRY from France


FRANKLIN from Idaho

TOBY (or not to be) from Florida


Blackjack from the Cove

Roger from Bend

Peanut from Chicago


                                                                                                                BAREBACK 1

3' x 3'(Large ) Portraits  are not limited to  just dogs and cats

BAREBACK #2 (3' X 3' large)

I am an impressionist artist.   Brush strokes and vibrant colors are substituted for photographic detail to bring excitement and movement to the canvas.

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Original photo

oil painting

On the left, the boy in this photo is now in his 40's.  His mother wanted this old photo   reproduced.  The scene is now saved for their family In oil on canvas within a barnwood frame.  It is hanging on a farmhouse wall in Canada. 

Victor ran away from home

Raymond was a family pet in the 90's.  He was painted from an  old photo &  Commissioned as a surprise gift.

Meet Peachy from  La Quinta CA

San Diego CA

Seattle WA

Rider from New York

Mary from Maine

Rescue from Alaska

       A pet portrait  makes an ideal gift:

             unique, personal, handcrafted

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