An original oil painting 

12" x 12"  canvas 1 1/2" deep

                    $125                                 ships anywhere in the US

 email a photo of your pet to


       Text: 206-734-9250

Full body is also available

Pet portrait, larger than photo  and can be any size

       A pet portrait  makes an ideal gift:

             unique, personal, handcrafted

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Lily  from Seattle

HARRIET from Seattle

HARRY from France


FRANKLIN from Idaho

TOBY (or not to be) from Florida


Blackjack from the Cove

Roger from Bend

Peanut from Chicago


                                                                                                                BAREBACK 1

3' x 3'(Large ) Portraits  are not limited to  just dogs and cats

BAREBACK #2 (3' X 3' large)

I am an impressionist artist.   Brush strokes and vibrant colors are substituted for photographic detail to bring excitement and movement to the canvas.

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order a painting of your home/estate

Coria Vinyard Salem Oregon 12"x 24" oil on canvas